Dorothy And The Quantum Mechanic


by Dennis Carroll

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“Dorothy and The Quantum Mechanic” is a 3000 word science fiction short story. It is actually two separate stories, read concurrently. One story proposes pop-scientific theories and the second relates how these theories would affect life. The story contains an objective, quantifiable definition of “Time”; probably wrong, but still ....

The story was written for the occasion of my Mother-In-Laws ninetieth birthday. She had recently lost her beloved companion dog. The story is about my Mother-In-Law dieing and was written to cheer her up. “I understood some of it” and “Children love repetition” were her two comments. Faint praise, but ...

It may be poor science -- probably even bad bad science -- but none the less, “The Quantum Mechanic” is the result of my lifetime of trying to make sense of the Universe. “Dorothy” is my unexpected extrapolation of where this sense leads.

These stories are as close as I could come. For all I know, they may be true.

Dorothy ~ Preface

Dorothy sat in her rocking chair watching the classic movie channel. Oxygen pumped into her nostrils.  It was two o'clock. She wasn't the least concerned if it was a.m. or p.m. The TV shows were good. She would watch and doze. Watch and doze. She would sometimes reach down to stroke Fritzi's head and then remember Fritzi had died long ago. She missed her dog. Fritzi had been a wonderful companion.

People told Dorothy that she should get out more. She should do this, she should do that. One did not tell Dorothy what to do. Dorothy knew what to do. She had worked for governors and federal judges and authors and more. It was unfortunate that Dorothy never had tea with the Queen. The Queen would have had a lovely time.

Dorothy was as proper, as knowing what to do, as gracious as any living soul. Dorothy knew what to do. Snorting oxygen and watching classic movies was what to do. If only Fritzi were there.

At 90 plus years of age, Dorothy knew more people deceased than living. Being Southern and proper, Dorothy did not dwell upon unpleasant things.

The Quantum Mechanic ~ The Nature of Time

There is no known reason why Time flows in only one direction. As a matter of fact, physicists tell us that time can flow backward as easily as it can flow forward. There is a catch. Time can flow backward only at the quantum level. At the Newtonian level, Time appears to only flow forward. No one knows why.

I believe the physicists to be in error. I believe time does not flow backward at the quantum level or any level.

Did you know this? Color does not exist in nature. Color is a brain’s interpretation of a higher physical phenomena. The higher physical phenomena in this case is electromagnetic radiation. When electromagnetic radiation, that is, "light,” falls on an object, part of the radiation is absorbed, part is reflected.  If the object reflects only red wavelengths of the radiation, we say the object is "red." This is because receptors in our eyes collect the reflected 650 nanometer wavelength and sends a signal to our brains. The brain labels this signal “red."

The same with Sound. Sound does not exist in nature. Vibrating molecules exist in nature. A device is needed to capture the frequency and intensity of the vibrating molecules. These vibrating molecules, when transmitted to an eardrum, cause the eardrum to vibrate. The eardrum sends a signal to the brain. The brain interprets these vibrations as “sound.”

The mention of the nature of color and of sound is a prelude to this statement: “Time" may not exist in nature. "Time" may be a brains interpretation of a higher physical phenomena. Scientists do not know the nature of this phenomenon.

I do.

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