The Answer

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by Dennis Carroll

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What's it all about? I have thought about it a long time. Here is my final answer. This is all I got.


Note: This story is strange enough. Stranger still if you have not read the preceding stories.

The Answer


One. "Our Mother" a non-extant Upanishad

When she was twelve billion years old, our Mother gave us birth. The egg from which we were born was one the many black holes which she would continuously create throughout her evolution.

Know this: When the mass of a black hole reaches infinity, all contents are compressed into one-dimensional strings and the entropy becomes zero. Obtaining zero entropy, the black hole releases its one-dimensional strings into and to create a new expanding space-time continuum, i.e., "Universe."  Upon creation, the one-dimensional strings immediately start boiling into an assortment of subatomic particles creating quantum foam. Each string and its product are forever bound to every other string and their products by gravity. A Universe will evolve and grow based upon the values of its twenty-seven Universal Constants. Depending on the values of each of its Constants, almost all births are stillborn or short lived because any one of the values can restrict expansion and evolution so that the Universe can no longer continue to expand.

Our twenty-seven Universal Constants are identical to our Mothers. We continue to expand. We live.

The gravitational interaction between Mother and Child, initially strong, decreased rapidly as our entropy increased; her presence now known only through the effects of her dark energy and dark matter in which we are encompassed.

Two. "Breathson's Answer"

Upon his back, Adam lay upon his murdered son's grave. After the grave had been closed and all other mourners had left, Eve tore away Adams clothes as she screamed in pain and fury, "I tried to bear you a child . . .  I tried to bear you a child . . ." She pushed Adam to the ground and mounted him. Adam, himself exhausted and in emotional turmoil, simply acquiesced and let Eve physically expend her fury on him. Eventually, an exhausted Eve collapsed on top of Adam. Void now of all emotion, Adam stared into the brilliant firmament made more brilliant by a moonless sky. He remembered that he had never answered Breathson's question, "Father, can something come back to life after it is killed?" Adam had replied, "I know of nothing that has returned to life after being killed. That is a good question that I shall ask those far wiser than myself."

"Well, Goodson," thought Adam, "are you now far wiser than I? Do you now know the answer? Does the rabbit live?" Tears seeped from Adam's eyes. Exhausted, with blank mind, he fell toward unconscious sleep

Unto Adam, Breathson then said - - "The rabbit lives. I live. We are the light. We are free from the burden of the flesh which carried our soul. Our souls experience all that we have ever experienced, know all that we have ever known, feel all that we have ever felt. I now know the soul of the rabbit, experienced its joy of life, its fears, its death. Once we were bound and blinded by flesh. Now we are no longer bound. Now we are no longer blind. Now not only are we alive, at last we live."

Adam's last thought before his deep, deep sleep was this - - "We have so much to learn."

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