The Naming


by Dennis Carroll

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What is the history of those who cross our paths? What are their stories?

"The Naming” is a 4000 word fictional short story of two stray city dogs who adopt a person.

My oldest daughter did not want a dog. She was a single woman living in a second story apartment and working in the Department of Human Resources for the State. She also had the misfortune of being a compassionate person who does what she can to alleviate human suffering and the indignities of man. This story is for her.

The Naming

March 1997

The mostly Chow male really belonged to the college boy's mother. But the boy and his roommate had heard how a dog would add to their babe magnetism on spring break. They didn't really ask permission. The mostly Chow male happened to be in the Trans-Am. What would it hurt?

So the two boys and the mostly Chow male dog headed south for the beach scene. They made it to a rest stop just south of Montgomery when the spent six pack of PBR persuaded them to pull in. Neither of the boys was sympathetic to the needs of the mostly Chow male as they both had long forgotten he was with them. In the urgency of the situation, however, the roommate did not fully close his door. The opening allowed the mostly Chow male to seek his own relief. The glory of the rest area was an adventure for the dog, who had lived his life in the close confines of his northern city home. He regained focus when the Trans-Am roared off toward the Interstate. He gave chase. He did not come close to catching his ride.

Being a mostly Chow and, therefore, pragmatic, the dog did the only thing he could. He turned north and began his long journey home. After many hours of hard travel, he came to a meadow with the comforting smell of animals and of dog. He stopped to rest and slept a deep, tired sleep.

He awoke in the presence of a female Border Collie mix. Her large intense eyes stared at him without fear. He was an intruder and by all rights she should escort him out off the field with prejudice. But she had no charges nearby, she was not a full Border Collie, anyway. He was strong and rather handsome, and perhaps a little male companionship might be nice.
After a brief but intense romance, a man appeared in the distance shouting something the mostly Chow male did not understand. But the man's motions and the scary, loud stick pointed in his direction convinced the mostly Chow male to quickly continue his journey. Very quickly. He did not stay to inquire what the popping sounds were or what caused the little poofs of dirt to pop up around him.

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